5 Fixes Your Old House Needs ASAP

Fixing your home from the ground up is one of the top priorities for any serious homeowner, however, there are some who dread the cost of such a massive endeavor. Nonetheless, there’s one massive problem that you have to take into consideration when doing so – how much money you are going to lose by ignoring these problems, as well as the fact that you might actively endanger all the inhabitants. Some problems pose a threat to safety, while others may cause substantial property damage. In order to prevent any of these nightmare scenarios, here are the top five fixes that your old house needs ASAP.

Drains and gutters

The first thing you want to check is your gutters and downspout system. This is due to the fact that excessive rain may cause property damage, flood your garden, compromise the foundation of your home or even destroy the pavement below. If you allow rainwater to penetrate the cracks in concrete, they might end up expanding (once the water starts freezing), thus making the damage even more severe than you initially expected it to be. All in all, replacing your drains and gutters (especially if you’re going for PVC gutters and downspouts) is a fairly simple process.


The next thing you need to worry about is the plumbing of your home, due to the fact that negligence of this system might result in horrible odors and leaks. First of all, leaking water might damage your property (especially expensive hardwood floors). Second, the unnecessary (some would even say unjustified) bump in your water bill can be quite devastating, as well. Most commonly, however, you’ll face a blockage in drains. Even though some people believe themselves to be fully competent to handle these issues, the truth is that it’s far more reliable to hire blocked drains experts to help you out.

Electrical installations

Problems with electrical installations are quite dangerous, seeing as how they expose you to the risk of electrocution, as well as increase the chance of a spontaneous fire occurring somewhere in your home. As far as the property damage goes, your appliances will be at constant risk and your power consumption may increase, as well. There are many different indicators that this might be the case, ranging from sparking, dimming or flickering lights, hot outlets and constant or recurring buzzing noise.


When investing in the safety of your household, it’s unlikely that you’ll find anything more important than your alarm system. This ranges from a fire alarm inspection in your kitchen, all the way to the carbon monoxide detector in the basement. Keep in mind that while the safety of your home may seem like a certainty at the moment, this might not remain the case for all eternity. What you need are reliable tools to warn you when this state of affairs changes, so that you’re not caught off-guard.

Doors and windows

Finally, you need to address the issue of the energy efficiency of your home. For this to work, you need to understand that heat leaves your home in four different ways. First, it leaves via a roof, then, via your walls. Most commonly, however, it leaves via windows and doors. So, by replacing them, you’ll make your home substantially cheaper to keep warm (and cold in the summer). Other than this, an investment in your doors and windows makes your home a lot more secure, due to the fact that you’re making all the entry points to your home into less of a liability.

While the majority of the above-listed fixes tend to be quite costly, you need to remain aware of the fact that, for the most part, they’re a one-time investment that keeps benefiting you year in and year out. Moreover, by reducing your bills and saving you from a world of unnecessary property damage in the future, these investments almost always have a positive ROI. Sure, there are many other fixes that deserve your attention but these five go to the forefront, for more than obvious reasons.