8 Superfoods That Boost Your Immune System (That You Didn’t Even Know About)

You are what you eat, and a diverse and balanced diet can help you stay healthy and strong. You’re probably already aware of the fact that you can boost your immune system with the intake of certain foods. What’s more, you probably vaguely know that fruits and veggies are your best choice. But do you really know what foods to focus your attention on and why? If you’re interested in avoiding the flu and annoying colds, keep on reading.


You may not be that overjoyed when it comes to eating garlic, but it’s all about how you use it in your meals. Obviously, you can add it as a spice in your cooked food. However, it’s essential to mention that garlic’s immune-boosting properties are at their strongest when it’s consumed raw. So, you may want to consider adding it to your salads in a crushed or sliced form. Garlic’s anti-inflammatory properties will do you a lot of good.


If you like spicier food, you’ll be thrilled to learn that red and green chilies are very effective when it comes to boosting your immune system. Not only are these chilies an effective solution to congestion clear-up, but they’re a great source of vitamins A and C, too.


Interested in a great vegan source of vitamin D? Then make sure to enrich your diet with mushrooms. This is especially important in case you don’t really spend a lot of time in the sun. These days it’s rather difficult to find the balance of getting vitamin D benefits from sun rays and suffering the skin damage from them, which is why mushrooms can really come in handy. They’re also a great source of protein for people who don’t really do meat.

Ginger root

The perfect aid in the fight against the cold, ginger root is something you should always have in your system. It can effectively warm you up, soothe your digestion and improve the strength of your immune system. You can add it to your tea but a great way to take it is to mince it and mix with honey.


In general, broccoli should become a staple in your diet. This green veggie is a brain food, filled with nutrients and antioxidants. This is why it’s important to eat it as often as possible. Steam cooking is a great way to prepare this vegetable, but there are tons of other ways as well. Proper cooking equipment will make the dish healthier and more delicious. In that respect, if you want to make a broccoli soup or to grill it, it’s important to opt for top-quality Scanpan cookware, since their non-stick, ceramic, titanium cooking surfaces allow you to make meals that are both nutritious and delicious.


Everybody knows that fruits such as lemons, limes and oranges are rich in Vitamin C and therefore an excellent choice for boosting the immune system. But, did you know that the delicious watermelon can make your body stronger against the cold as well? Not many people pay attention to their health during the summer season, but this is paramount as warm and humid weather outside paired with A/Cs inside can make a real mess. This is where watermelons can help as they’re rich in vitamins A, C and B6 as well as citrulline, which benefits your heart health.


If you want something healthy to craft your meals around, make sure to give salmon a try. You can easily keep it in the freezer, which allows you to properly plan and prepare meals for the whole week. Not only that, but salmon is really tasty. It’s rich in astaxanthin, the pink pigment – something that is also known as an efficient immunity booster.

Friendly bacteria

Friendly bacteria usually found in yoghurt is not only beneficial for your gut health, but your general health as well. After all, the better your digestion, the healthier and stronger your whole bosy is. In general, if you can get your hands on the goat’s milk yoghurt, you’ll get the largest intake of friendly bacteria. But, any yoghurt is a healthy option.

As you can probably guess, there are plenty of other foods that you can incorporate into your diet in order to boost your immune system and fight away the colds. However, if you need to take small steps at first, start with the above-mentioned selection as these will provide plenty of benefits rather quickly. Not to mention that they’re quite easy to add to any diet.