Different Types of Running

Running is an excellent form of exercise. Most people prefer running to other types of exercises because it not only works up your entire body, but it is also quite fun. Do you fancy going for morning or evening runs? Are you interested in trying out the different types of running?

Well, first, you must understand that running is a workout technique like no other. Over the years, athletes and workout enthusiasts have discovered different types of running. Each has its benefit. It’s always best that you switch up between these types of running to gain better results.

1. Base Run

This is the common type of running. It is usually done at a person’s own pace and is of short to moderate length. Base runs are a simple form of exercise.



However, they ought to be done on a regular basis. Base runs aim to stimulate aerobic capacity and boost your weekly mileage target.

2. Fell Running

Do you know what is fell running? Well, it is a type of running that originated from British culture. It is a type of running that is done on a steep gradient. The goal of fell running is to increase the difficulty level of running. You can practice this at least once every week.

It is also referred to as hill running. If you live in a hilly area, then this is the perfect type of running an exercise for you. Fell running helps improve your endurance.

3. Progression Run

A progression run is an advancement of a base run. It entails running at your usual pace and later increasing the speed as you finish. A progression run helps improve your stamina since you will be moving faster at the point where you should be moving slower. It is a mild workout but it is quite intense, and the benefits are fantastic.

4. Fartlek Run

A fartlek run not only boosts your endurance but it is quite fun. It entails pushing yourself till you reach a particular landmark. For instance, when doing a run in your neighborhood, you can push yourself till you reach that car at the corner.


Slow your pace and then speed it up till you reach that grocery store. This type of run originates from Sweden and means speed play. Remember, the best form of exercise is one that you enjoy the most. Therefore, you don’t have to go for a run with a serious face on. Have a little bit of fun!

5. Interval Runs

Interval runs are a mixture of high intensity and moderate runs. You can start with short runs before moving to faster runs and adding more effort.

To get the most out of interval runs, make sure you balance them equally. Timing yourself can help you make efficient interval runs.

6. Sprint Running

It is not advisable for beginners to start with sprint runs. However, if you have been running for a while, sprints can help improve your ability to run for long without being fatigued. For beginners, you can try out short sprints. Long distance sprints aid build muscular strength and energy.


Amongst the many types of running, the above are the most popular. If you are used to taking your ordinary jog every day, it’s now high time that you spice things up and take your running exercise to the next level. The more types of run you try, the more you benefit from running.