How to Enjoy Your Every Meal

How often does it happen that you finish your meal and realize that you have no idea what you just ate and how it tasted? Many of us eat on autopilot while thinking about work, family or that new Netflix show. Our minds are so busy that we have no time to really taste and enjoy the food that we eat and allow our brains the time to feel full and satisfied. The way we eat our food is just as important as the food itself, so here’s how you can improve the way you enjoy your meals. 

Simplify your menu

The key to eating well and healthily is to eat quality food, mostly plants and be moderate with portions—it’s very simple. Think meals with five or fewer ingredients that are easy to prepare. These recipes are great for people who have issues with perfectionism since they leave no space to stress about preparation and nutrients. If you eat a high percentage of whole foods and minimize processed and sugary foods, you’ll be perfectly healthy. 

Keep it interesting

Variety is key to enjoying food. People are creatures of habit and we tend to always buy the same things, cook them the same way and sit at the same spot, but make sure to keep things interesting for your palate. When you approach your meal with a sense of adventure, you’ll enjoy your food much more. If you have the means, try out different restaurants, but you can also easily snatch a new recipe from the Internet and try it out in your own kitchen. 

Set the table

You might not always have time to create a fancy tablescape, but you can always sit behind the table, grab all the cutlery, napkins and glasses you need and provide yourself with a relaxing eating experience. This will make every meal more special, and special meals are always more enjoyable. 

Involve your friends and family


Cooking and setting the table can be boring, but when you involve your friends and family, it can become a fun experience. And food always tastes better when you get to share it with those you love. 

Pay attention to your food

Even before you take a bite of your food, sit down, relax and get ready to focus on your meal. Pay attention to colors, shapes and textures in front of you and smell all the different aromas. Take the first bite, savor the food and taste all the flavors. Make sure to continue eating slowly and enjoy the taste during as you chew and after you swallow. 

Pair food with good drinks


Quality drink, no matter what it is, can not only improve the taste of your food but also make your meal a more enjoyable experience. It’s a great idea to always have a mixed wine case at hand, so you can grab whatever matches your meal. A good glass of wine has always been a perfect companion for dinner parties and romantic meals for two, so make sure to use wine to your advantage. 

Reduce portions

While it might seem like a good idea while you’re starving, overeating will not be enjoyable at all. It’s always better to take smaller portions and savor each bite you take. If you’re really still hungry, you can always go back for more. 

Put your fork down

Just putting your fork or spoon down as you chew will make all the difference. At that instant, you’ll relax and focus better on whatever’s in your mouth instead of whatever’s left on your plate. This will also encourage you to eat slower and give your brain time to catch up with your stomach resulting in you eating less

If you allow yourself the time to carefully prepare and enjoy your food, you’ll notice that everything tastes much better. And you might even experience weight loss benefits and fewer stomach issues, which are always a plus!