Plan to Move or Renovate? Here’s How to Safely Store Your Items

If you plan to move or renovate your current home, you’re probably preoccupied with the details such as choosing the perfect tiles or flooring, figuring out the new layout, etc. But, even though you have a lot on your plate, you still need to make sure that the stuff you already have is properly stored during this time.

Use a spare room in your home

In case you have to deal with some renovation and remodelling work, it would be great if you could put your items in a spare room in your home that you don’t have to use during the renovation. After all, it’s important to protect your stuff and even though this may be an inconvenience, it will be temporary. If you’re lucky enough to have a garage, shed or basement that aren’t crowded with stuff, you can store your items here as well.

Ask a friend or family member for a favor

You might not have spare room at your place for proper storage of all your things but you might know someone who has. If possible, don’t hesitate to ask a friend or a family member to help you out during the renovation and take some of your stuff for safekeeping. That way, you’ll be able to focus on your renovation work properly and not worry about the safety of your belongings. Make sure that you all agree on the period during which they’ll be able to store your items for you.

Rent a storage container

This is a great option regardless of whether you’re moving or just renovating your place. Essentially, you can rent a portable storage container that will hold all of your stuff until you’re ready to take everything back out again. During the renovation, you can literally keep this container in your backyard. In case you’re moving, look into efficient shipping container transport and renowned moving companies that will move your storage container with all your belongings to your new address.

Keep your stuff secured

If you keep your storage container at your home during renovation or days before the move, and even if you have everything packed and stored in a garage/shed, it’s crucial that you ensure proper safety of your items. You never know what could happen, especially if you’re not sleeping at home while the work is in full blast. With that said, you might want to invest in a security system for your storage area. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to pay some unannounced visits to the site where the renovation is taking place, just to check up on things. Finally, motion-sensor lighting can be a good idea as this particular trick can deter the burglars effectively.

Create a detailed list of your belongings

It’s especially important to have a thorough list of all your items when you’re moving homes. Furthermore, label your boxes and bags before placing them in containers for easier access and unpacking. When you have a list of all your belongings, you’ll be able to go through everything a lot faster. What’s more, this is crucial if you want to quickly determine whether everything is accountable or not. In case you don’t want to list absolutely everything, at least do so for your most valuable items.

This may be a good opportunity to declutter some of your things. If you’re moving, make sure to bring only those items that spark joy in you and you truly want with you in your new home. This won’t only make the storing, moving and unpacking process easier but it will also allow you to create a personal environment that matches your style and temperament.