Rooftop Bars in New York you Should Visit

When warm weather comes in, the Gothamites come to nature to enjoy one of the best outdoor activities, including outdoor food, spring crafts and cocktail tasting overlooking the best rooftop bars of New York City. From problem areas in one of New York’s best hotels to serene hideaways of the first date, have a drink in the best rooftop bars in NYC.

1. Gallow Green

Punchdrunk’s intelligent performance center at the McKittrick motel extends to the rooftop bar of the hotel. The name of a Scottish encampment where they hanged the charged witches, Gallow Green hosts the atmosphere of a meeting in a garden thrown into a cult.

Bright pixels and worn banners are suspended between green lattices.Barkeeps sling cocktails served by scary white waiters.

The house has the greatest seats which are in a demolished classic wagon, whose free windows are adorned with erased tapestries.

2. South park rooftop

The best-mixed drinks from Gotham come in the cellars of restaurants, they are placed behind the facades in front of the customer and are covered with sausage huts. From time to time, discover quality drinks in the landscape with DJ and the sound of poolside whipped pools at this rooftop bar in new york. Enter Tim and Nancy Cushman, the group of couples behind the Japanese high-flying site, O Ya, who sneaked into the rooftop of Gramercy’s Park South.

3. Broken Shaker

Dizzying excitement electrifies a rooftop bar which crowns Freehand New York. In fact, the accommodation from which you continue to catch the wind.


Located inside a funny little fun of Murray Hill and Gramercy, the Miami ingress ecstasy is crammed with, and that seems thirty-something just to be reassured as the roof of the Caribbean out there, not to mention they are there. Also, unlike a city skyline with soft designs and glass fortifications, Broken Shaker is designed to look similar to a well-fitting and comfortable oasis.

4. Westlight

The hotel William Vale has left the warm entrance with culinary influence. Anyway, a walk along the waterway was not the main thing for the triad -in the hostel, also debuted in the first man of the rooftop bar, the Westlight, an elegant glass box that crowns the tallest skyscraper in the neighborhood. Take the devoted 22-story building elevator to the modern but classic space with highly contrasting mosaic floors, bright lights, and a channeled ceiling to find a rooftop bar of the hotel has all the products to be an independently mixed drink New York Den.

5. 1 bar on the roof

No view is terrible if you do not consider the Brooklyn Bridge, however, this irrigation gap at the top of the 1 Brooklyn Bridge Hotel in Dumbo offers you a whole new view of the international symbol.

Americas Coolest Roof

Enjoy a mixed drink or a wine glass at the top of the ten-story building, while it’s necessary for those walking on the viaduct. You can similarly see the New York Harbor, Manhattan skyline and Statue of Liberty from the wooden and stone patio that includes a shallow pool. It looks like a complete tour of Circle Line without establishing your Prosecco.


There comes a time when you need a time out and see the world from a different perspective. It requires us to select the best open place to have fun. The above list shows the best rooftop in NYC city where you can have a fun party out and a free-air fun.