Wellbeing guide through Sydney

Sydney is a city famous for its many flavors – iconic landmarks, beautiful beaches, and exotic nightlife. But, did you know that Australia’s unofficial capital is also well-known for its rich wellness offer? No matter whether you want a shredded body or simply a relaxed afternoon of self-rejuvenation you will certainly find an activity or venue to spend some quality time dedicated to your wellbeing.

But, the offer is very diverse and we have only so much time on disposal. Let us take a look then at some of the most interesting picks you should check out while staying Down Under.

Get a healthy snack

It all starts with nutrition. Yes, if you are not eating properly, all of your future wellness efforts will be greatly undermined. So, before you plan the rest of your activities, why wouldn’t you pay a visit to Orchard Street, a small snack bar located at Brighton Blvd, North Bondi? A healthy dose of nourishing delights combined with organic coffee or fresh smoothie will definitely clear your mind. If you are for something more serious, Fei Jai diner will serve you some of the best Chinese meals in the city.


Take a pleasant yoga retreat

Rekindling the connections with your inner self and the world around you is just as beneficial for your wellbeing as taking a salt spa. And is there a better way to rediscover these lost connections than by devoting a day to yoga? Billabong Retreat makes a perfect match for this type of activity. Hidden away in a peaceful billabong forest filled with tame wildlife, this exclusive wellness center allows you to take some of the best yoga classes in the world and try very exciting meals in the breaks.

Give yourself a full-body spa treatment

Of course, what kind of wellness tour you’d have if you hadn’t had a good old spa experience. This time, we recommend Botanica Vaucluse, the best day spa Eastern Suburbs have to offer. Seriously, this world-class facility has everything you need for a perfect wellness experience – exclusive spas, high-quality massage therapy, acupuncture sessions, and countless other activities designed to improve your mental and physical wellbeing. And a couple of exclusive Sydney beaches are located just nearby.

Train your stamina and break some sweat

You’ve guessed it – we are talking about running, probably one of the most beneficial cardio exercises you can ever have. Fortunately, Sydney is filled with exciting tracks that will help you lose weight, improve your stamina and break some serious sweat. However, we would like to give a special shout-out to Centennial Park – one of the Sydneysiders’ favorite social hubs. The running track you’ll find here stretches for very commendable 3.4 kilometers so you can get plenty of exercise.


Reconnect with nature

Sometimes we feel the society taking a toll on our mental wellbeing. Sometimes, we just need a couple of days in nature to clear our thoughts and realize just how beautiful the world we inhabit is. If this story sounds familiar to you, welcome to Spicers Sangoma Retreat, a place that will once again make you feel a part of this world. Here, mobile coverage is purposefully patchy but the accommodation is all but. Just imagine a series of remote exclusive suites equipped with plunge pools and stocked minibars.

Explore the local culture

If this type of exclusive retreat seems too digitalized for you, why wouldn’t you try to get your dose of relaxation in a more traditional manner? Located in the vicinity of the lush Bouddi National Park, Bells at Killcare represents a complex of traditionally inspired rooms and cottages that feature all the amenities of the modern world but allow you to enjoy a slice of ancient Australian culture. All of the treatments and massages are inspired by indigenous traditions, so the whole experience should be very exciting.

We hope these six suggestions will help you to rediscover Sydney in a new exciting manner and use your stay in the city to do something good for your wellbeing. The world around us is becoming more stressful and strenuous with each passing day. We need to take some time to restore the balance and prepare ourselves for future challenges.