What Are Some Asian Dishes

Asia is a vast continent with a variety of flavors, cultures as well as influences, which makes it difficult to rule out some typically consumed Asian foods. However, some dishes are more prevalent in more than one country. Some foods are even so common among countries till there are wars between Asian foodies on who or which country should take credit on their origin. Below is a list of some popular Asian foods.


Asian Food

This dish is undisputedly the king of Asia. It’s ultimately some meat on a stick roasted in the open air or over charcoal. This meat is available almost everywhere in Asia. Some Asian countries prefer roasting beef sticks and chicken meat, but Thailand is the heart of satay since they bake the liver, stomach, or even the heart of a pig or chicken. For this and other Asian foods, you can check out the Casa Sensei restaurant.

Chicken curry

This is a renowned dish in Asia. Different types of curry powders are available in Asia, and they are primarily used when coming up with those heavenly chicken curry dishes. Thailand is said to have the best chicken curries in Asia.

Most chefs add in some coconut, ginger, and saffron to give their chicken some spiced up taste. Curry dishes are not limited to chicken only, but chicken curries are the most popular among Asians.


Sushi is a well-known dish worldwide. It’s considered a posh meal in Asia, and it’s typically made mostly in posh restaurants and hotels. Sushi is not only made from raw fish and coming up with attractive sushi rolls; it must be accompanied by the right seaweed wrappers, fantastic rice, and soy sauce.

Carolina Charm Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

If you know you are in the spirits of something tangy, sweet, or spicy, these are the go-to foods when visiting Asia. These dishes are nutritious, healthy, and an ideal way to enjoy your holiday in Asia. They are also easy to prepare for you and your family whenever you want to have that Asian feel wherever you are.