Which Is Stronger – Medium Or Dark Roast Coffee

With an array of types of beans and even brewing styles, coffee drinkers enjoy a variety of options at their disposal. While people have different tastes and preferences, the difference lies in the type of coffee.

Trying to weigh which is stronger between medium and dark roast coffee is quite common. But, which of these two is stronger? What aspects distinguish the two?

1. The Level of Caffeine

Assorted coffee beans

One of the vital reasons that attract people to caffeine every morning is the content, caffeine! It is worth noting, however, that the amount of this element in coffee is not dependent on the roasting process. This amount will be determined by the type of measurement you embrace between volume and weight.

Comparatively, medium roast coffee contains more caffeine. The extended time spent in roasting dark coffee reduces the caffeine levels.

2. Flavor and Taste

Medium roast coffee is acknowledged as rich in flavor. This flavor is a result of how it is roasted until it begins caramelization without getting burnt. This roast level offers a balanced, tasty flavor that can come as citrus, berry, or fruity. The flavor of the roasting process eclipses the dark coffee’s flavor. Here, again, the medium roast coffee wins.

Your Coffee Maker Matters


It is incredible how your equipment will affect the taste of your coffee. Making coffee using the right equipment is much recommended when making coffee. Nothing offers you more satisfaction that getting equipment that gives you not only a great taste but also value for money.

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Comparatively, medium roast coffee is likely to offer you the best taste aside from more caffeine. This will be an ideal choice for people who want a feel of both elements.